Quick steps for changing car insurance in Finland

Like shopping for other things like clothes, car insurance involves a lot of shopping around. However, the truth is that you won’t always get it right the first time. Likewise, a better offer might come up along the way thanks to the competitive market. Luckily for you, you can always change your car insurance company … Read more

Popular car insurance companies in Finland

While owning a car in other countries might be a given, this is not the case in Finland. You might be surprised to discover that a good number of people who live in Finnish urban centres don’t own a car. This could be because most cities have reliable and effective public transportation so no need … Read more

Considerations when picking a car Insurance in the Nordics

 rheUnlike in other parts of the world where car ownership could be a pipe dream, a lot of people in the Nordics own cars. Even as an expat arriving in any of the Nordic countries, it would be advisable that you just decide which car model exactly you would buy. If you are really focused … Read more

Norms in the Nordics to observe as an expatriate

The Nordic has emerged as a strong regional cooperation despite a chequered history of wars, revolution, and changes in borders. In continental Europe, there is a uniformity and actual similarity in how the Nordic countries work. Any keen expatriate arriving in any of the four Nordic countries will note that the social, political and economic … Read more

Important documents for a person going to study in the Nordics

We can all agree that the world today has become a small village where one can  easily study in the Nordics. In fact, its possible  to study in Norway, take a study exchange program in Romania, travel for an internship in Germany, do research in Africa and then graduate virtually from the comfort of a first … Read more

Working Successfully in the Nordic Way

Key among the notable reasons why locals and expatriates aspire to work within the Nordic region is its incredible work-life balance. And perhaps that could be partly something that drives Nordic happiness. Besides, the work-life balance makes the workforce more motivated to work so diligently within a few hours. The high workplace efficiency which defines … Read more

Keeping a normal schedule in Nordic Winter

The 2022 winter season just began a month or two ago and already people are feeling the piercing cold. You walk around on a snowy day and witness people just trying to cope  with the chilling temperatures. This season comes once every year and each time, nobody can ever claim to be fully prepared for … Read more

All You Need to Know about the Nordic Diet

What probably pops into your head at the mention of Nordic countries is just a happy life. Here again, it does not matter whether it’s Denmark, Sweden, Finland, or the others. Yeah, the five countries have a high ranking in the happiness index. It may be due to its state generosity or sparse population as others … Read more

Why the Nordic Nations are Happy

In general, Nordic countries rank top on the global happiness index, with people trusting one another and the government. For quite some time, Nordic has maintained a high rank in the World’s Happiest Report (WHR). The big question remains, what is the secret? While the notion relates warm climate to happiness, it baffles how Nordics … Read more

Things People often Get Wrong about Nordic Nations

Just before your heart skips, things naturally pop into your mind at the mention of the Nordic region. In an endless list of breath-taking adventures lie beautiful sceneries, generous state welfare, and many more. It would help if you never forgot about its record-breaking name attached to World Happiness Report. Everything feels perfect with an … Read more