Working Successfully in the Nordic Way

Key among the notable reasons why locals and expatriates aspire to work within the Nordic region is its incredible work-life balance. And perhaps that could be partly something that drives Nordic happiness. Besides, the work-life balance makes the workforce more motivated to work so diligently within a few hours. The high workplace efficiency which defines the DNA of most jobs in the Nordics encourages workers to be more productive within short periods and spend the balance of time in creating own sense of happiness elsewhere-with family, friends or just holidaying. They never feel a pinch in the high taxation imposed on them because it gets back to them in a very satisfying way. Additionally, the Nordic government surely knows how to take care of its own. Therefore, the question is can you enjoy working the Nordic way as an expat?

Just to show you how much the Nordics are admired for their work culture, a meeting was held at Intercontinental Saigon. Its main aim was to analyse the reasons behind the Nordic success. As per the discussion, it was evident that the Nordic work ethic is of great positive impact on both people and the economy.

The big question, therefore, was what they do differently from the rest. And the answers were directly pointing to gender equality, the opportunity for all, and work flexibility. In addition to those are matters of human rights and a perfect work-life balance. To feed your curiosity let’s quickly see what it means by the Nordic model is.

How it Feels like to Belong to the Nordic Society

Though the Nordic model is opposed by just a few, many countries support it and are even willing to conform to it. It is alleged to be the core point behind free market capitalization and the galore of societal benefits. Below is what it typically means.

The freedom to move and work anywhere within the Nordic for own citizens

Whether from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, or even Denmark, such citizens are free to move and work within the locality. And it is made easier because they do not require a residency or work permit to begin their stay and job hunt. Through the such close alliance, it has been a plus to foster sustainable individual growth and business collaboration.

The great fairness in the Nordic welfare model

In terms of welfare generosity, Nordic is unparalleled globally. The major goal of welfare is to close up the social gaps, meant to reduce the poverty level in the region. Besides, they tend to have equality when it comes to opportunities for things such as jobs. That is why Nordics have no say in the government despite scooping a better part of their hard-earned money. Yes, taxation is insanely high there. However, the Nordics receive free and quality healthcare plus educare systems in return.

The leadership value and transparency of Nordics are on another level

You may wonder why Nordics are a trustworthy society not just to one another but to the government too. How will they fail to trust when the government has ensured accessibility of quality public services regardless of whether you are poor or rich? Even the issue of gender equality is all its courtesy. That is why Nordics are empathetic to their government during a national crisis and are swift to stabilize the economy.

The Famous Work-life Balance in order when Working the Nordic Way

As I mentioned earlier, nothing wows many energetic people like winning a jackpot to work in any of the Nordic countries. If you get to ask them, they will openly confess their appetite for such things,

The fewer working hours, working the Nordic Way

The working hours in Nordic are an average approximate of 40 hrs per week. It is less of a wonder to meet people off from work as early as 3 pm. And probably just going around to pick up kids or spouses to head back home. There is much leisure time after work, and you are free to do what suits you best. Additionally, the weekends or even overtime during weekdays, are again compensated.

Annual vacation leave

You need to know that all Nordic employees are entitled to at most 25 days off a week for vacations. And that too must be fully paid for by the employer. It is the perfect time to rush back home to say hello, especially to expatriates. Again, vacations are quite coincidental with the summer seasons, which are the best time to have fun in the warm climate.

Paid parental leaves

Only a few are like Nordic in offering fully paid parental leave to their employees. While many countries work with maternal short leaves, Nordics make it longer to 12 months for pregnancy, childbirth, and adoption. And that too comes with parental benefits for childcare in form of cash. This again will create enough time for family bonding and still help you adjust to the new increase in the family.

Did You Know the Nordics have Something Called Stress Leave?

I guess you didn’t see that coming but well, there is a stress leave among the Nordics. The region is so lenient to its employees to even allow some time out of work just to figure out what is next with life.

The better part of stress leave is how you get the so-called unemployment benefit. Basically, you can get it in terms of cash during such periods to keep you going. Therefore, you can see how the government minds its citizen’s mental wellness at work.

When Working the Nordic Way, you can try Embracing Gender Inclusion as it Works Miracles

Nordics have a cultural history of gender equality as Sweden leads being the pioneer. Feminine indulgence in both political and economic leadership benefits the nation. Also, empowered women do claim spending on children, which lays the foundation for the future generation and rapid economic growth.