Know about the Nordic Defense Cooperation

In the wake of Russia Ukraine invasion of Ukraine, so mucn anxiety has gripped Scandinavians. Whether the anxiety and pensivenes in the Scandinavians is out of actual threat or anything else could be subject of discussion. However, at such uncertain times and Russia being just next door, anyone may fear for own life. Therefore, knowng … Read more

Norway, the Best Nordic Country to in which to Settle

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The State of Crypto in Nordic Countries

Cryptocurrency has taken the financial space by storm. As a matter of fact, most large companies want a piece of crypto. Individuals too. No one wants to be left behind in the crypto craze. If you do not know about cryptocurrency, stick here. You will learn every detail. In layman’s terms, crypto is like virtual … Read more

History of Denmark, Norway and Sweden Explained

You have probably met the word Nordics, Scandinavia and the specific countries that fall within the regions. It may be a little confusing to understand what really the distinction could be but some careful look will bring it out pretty easily. One thing that must be pointed out is that the mere fact that a … Read more

Nordic Gaming Dominance Still Alive or dead?

As an ex-pat, are you wondering if the Nordic gaming dominance is still alive? After reading this piece, you will without a doubt come out with a clear answer to this. Nordics have a history with gaming which is the reason why any reasonable person would be curious to know if this remains the case … Read more