Know about the Nordic Defense Cooperation

In the wake of Russia Ukraine invasion of Ukraine, so mucn anxiety has gripped Scandinavians. Whether the anxiety and pensivenes in the Scandinavians is out of actual threat or anything else could be subject of discussion. However, at such uncertain times and Russia being just next door, anyone may fear for own life. Therefore, knowng … Read more

Your rights in Sweden as a Nordic citizen

As a Nordic citizen, you have all rights in Sweden

Something peculiar about the Nordic region that any person can observe is the high level of mobility of citizens. Out of ten people in lets say Sweden or Norway, you have high chances of getting a native of one country in either of the two countries. Even expatriates to the Nordics find it easy to … Read more

Know more about the classic Nordic lifestyle

The Nordic countries stand out among the community of nations for having high living standards. If you doubt this, try making a comparison of the countries including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland with their peers in Europe. The evidence needs no more explanations and those who already live in these countries can attest as … Read more

Working Successfully in the Nordic Way

Key among the notable reasons why locals and expatriates aspire to work within the Nordic region is its incredible work-life balance. And perhaps that could be partly something that drives Nordic happiness. Besides, the work-life balance makes the workforce more motivated to work so diligently within a few hours. The high workplace efficiency which defines … Read more

All You Need to Know about the Nordic Diet

What probably pops into your head at the mention of Nordic countries is just a happy life. Here again, it does not matter whether it’s Denmark, Sweden, Finland, or the others. Yeah, the five countries have a high ranking in the happiness index. It may be due to its state generosity or sparse population as others … Read more

Things People often Get Wrong about Nordic Nations

Just before your heart skips, things naturally pop into your mind at the mention of the Nordic region. In an endless list of breath-taking adventures lie beautiful sceneries, generous state welfare, and many more. It would help if you never forgot about its record-breaking name attached to World Happiness Report. Everything feels perfect with an … Read more