Things People often Get Wrong about Nordic Nations

Just before your heart skips, things naturally pop into your mind at the mention of the Nordic region. In an endless list of breath-taking adventures lie beautiful sceneries, generous state welfare, and many more. It would help if you never forgot about its record-breaking name attached to World Happiness Report. Everything feels perfect with an itinerary towards the Nordic region. However, there are things people get wrong about Nordic nations.

For many young and liberal-minded people, the journey to any Nordic country is a dream come true. With the low crime rates, low unemployment, and institutional quality, a permanent stay sounds cool. Wait until you set foot there; reality reveals every black spot you never expected.

The Understated Truth about Nordic Nations

The Nordics have their own culture. They are somehow different from people from other European nations. Some of the things that are unique about the Nordics include their reserved nature, crime rates, as well as eco-conservation.

The Reserved poise common among of Scandinavians

You must have heard of the austere Nordic nature, but real encounter is worst. How does it feel to meet people whose heads are fixed to the ground? No greetings, no thank you, actually, you are likely to be labelled ‘weirdo’ by simple ‘hi’ to a passer-by. It’s more frustrating how they knowingly overdo it to ex-pats.

They are reserved and it does not mean that they do not like you. Some are just shy. Besides, despite them being friendly and polite, they are not usually loud. All in all, for them, there is no need to excessively talk.

Differences in temperatures across the Nordics

No one will miss knowing about weather disparities in the Nordic regions. You will likely carry warm clothing in preparation for the cold winter, which is good. Nevertheless, the case of Finland freaks, plagued with mosquitoes in the summer and yet another four months of freezing-dark winter. Conformation to Fika as a Nordic culture is a must. However, electricity and heat top the list.

Crime Rates

The crime rates is one of the things people get wrong about Nordic nations. Whereas everyone celebrates low criminality in Nordic, it may only be fact-like to some extent. Unlike natives, a Swedish spokesperson insisted that immigrants were more prone to violence. Notably, during summer, tourists lose items through petty thefts and pickpocketing.


Eco-conservation is another thing people get wrong about the Nordic nations. Like Norwegians, they are boastful about using only renewable energy sources. Behind people’s backs is Equinor, the most significant independent company supplying fossil fuel globally. So how can they even claim ecological purity with such lots of emissions? It’s already posing a threat to the future generation.

The Nordics are Socialists

Understanding the Nordic economic system is so difficult. It is globally misunderstood. The Nordic nations are free-market capitalist economies. The main things that define the Nordic model include collective bargaining and comprehensive welfare.

Facts you Missed Knowing about these Nordic Countries

It may catch you unawares, especially after ranking highly in the happiness report. Honestly, they are humans and have black spots too despite their happiness, contented and wealthy lives. Here is a little discussion about the Nordic nations


Perhaps you didn’t know this, but Norwegians take the lead in xenophobic culture in all of Nordic. It’s good how smoothly you will acquire citizenship as a foreigner when planning for a permanent stay. It is also true to life that you will enjoy welfare privileges alongside born citizens. Nevertheless, you had better prepare for snobby and unhelpful fellows right from next door to the streets.


While the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) keeps posting fewer working hours for Danes employees. Therefore, its productivity is worryingly static. It is even a wonder how they can afford such an expensive lifestyle. Maybe you didn’t know, but Danes owe huge private debts in the world records, much more than Italians.

Furthermore, it is unfair how Denmark takes glory for environmental cleanliness when it burns lots of coal for sale. Falling for such lies is so easy, especially when you catch a view of Kastrup windmills. The excess emission has led to climatic change, which is a current concern in Denmark.


For quite some time, Sweden has made headlines among the most prosperous countries in the world. And no one is yet to refute such headlines lest you are termed ‘jealous.’ Maybe to satisfy or disapprove of this sentiment, try making it to Umea. From there, you will tell it all.


Among the Nordic countries, Finland is one full of forests and lakes. The nation is also famous for its Angry Birds, education system as well as the Moomins. The nation’s source of income mainly comes from its metal industries, technology, and forestry.


Iceland is mainly famous for its dramatic scenery as well as hot springs. Besides, the nation’s main source of income is from fishery and fish products, ferrosilicon exports, and aluminum. Their language is íslenska.

The truth about Native Languages in the Nordic Nations

You are likely to have heard of low unemployment rates, which can never be a point for debate. However, with low mastery of the language and culture of the country in question, securing a job takes time and effort. Not that the natives cannot speak English; many are good at it. They only dislike speaking any other language apart from their native. Besides, it is even more difficult when it comes to social interactions.

The irony behind the Happiness of Nordic Countries

As it stands, not once or twice did several Nordic countries appear top ten in WHP. However, there are looming truths that counteract this’ happiness’ notion. For instance, the case of Danes claims to be the happiest in the world. Ironically, they rank position two after Iceland regarding the intake of antidepressant drugs. We all know what such drugs manage, depression. It is vague how depression takes the lead in such a happy society.

As mentioned before, there is an extreme climate in the Nordic region. The Nordic winter combines cold and darkness, especially in Finland, Sweden and Norway. Who will afford happiness in such a climate when some even miss going to work in July? However, during summer, Nordic feels incredible and warm to stay in.