Why the Nordic Nations are Happy

In general, Nordic countries rank top on the global happiness index, with people trusting one another and the government. For quite some time, Nordic has maintained a high rank in the World’s Happiest Report (WHR). The big question remains, what is the secret? While the notion relates warm climate to happiness, it baffles how Nordics do it during cold and dark winters. It is even more ironic how tropical Africans are bottoming the list of Worlds’ happiest.

While some label Nordics ‘contented’ rather than happy, all sounds good in their hygge life. It is remarkable how they create their happiness and make the world better. Genuinely speaking, apart from the scenic beauty, there is much more to spice up life in the Nordic. Well, to learn more about the ‘spices,’ make a quick perusal through this piece and give thanks later.

The Secrets behind the Happiness of the Nordics

While others hope for a happy life, it is so abundant in the Nordic. Whether choosing Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, or Iceland, happiness awaits you. Influenced by the factors below, Nordic makes it top of the happy regions worldwide.

The Nordic Region Generosity

Undoubtedly, the feeling of satisfaction clocks in whenever a country offers institutional quality. Citizens have a liking for democracy and delivery quality. Be it free education and healthcare or even well-being for the disabled all are catered for.

Furthermore, in the employees’ checklist, payable parental leaves, fewer working hours, and a good pension is a plus. Lest you forget, there are unemployment benefits for the jobless. Thus, pointless to worry about criminality. So then, how will happiness miss in such a country?

Trust and Social Cohesion making Nordics Happy

Did you know that Nordics are termed a high-trusting society? They are. No recipe brings happiness to citizens more than trust. It is not a topic of debate that Nordic citizens depict high societal trust in the government.

Moreover, they have repeatedly shown resilience and cooperation during national setbacks. The uniqueness of everything is how Nordics get to return lost fat wallets to owners. To them, trust makes it easier to correlate with others without any fear of devious plans.

For instance, they can just leave what they are selling in an open place. They do not have to watch over the items. Interestingly, the people who need the items will just send money through the indicated account number. That is a show of the high level of trust that exists in Nordic countries.

The Nordics also have a strong welfare system. Their governments are so supportive. In addition, there is low unemployment and low crime rates. Therefore, this means that just a few people are unemployed and maybe they are the ones who consider themselves unhappy.

Outdoorsy Lifestyle that makes Nordics Happy

Maybe call it a traditional vision of the Nordics, but they for sure revel in outdoor activities. If you thought cold and dark winter was a hindrance, then you missed the guess. Not only have they adapted to the cold and dark winter, but they also thrive in it. They are always about simple activities. They may include playing ice hockey with colleagues or enjoying roller skiing with folks. It looks like these people rarely miss nature walks and biking with the family. Fascinatingly, they are a pro at living a simple lifestyle full of appreciation for every bit of nature.

Autonomy and Freedom to make Choices makes the Nordics Happy

It is so obvious that no one delights in coaxing when it comes to making life choices. Without any doubt, material wealth in the Nordic is enough economic protection against lack there. Additionally are autonomous political structures that enable fair elections in the region. Certainly, citizens’ well-being directly links to freedom of expression that highlights uniqueness in everyone.

The Nordics are always free to choose what they need. Also, when they do not like something, they will tell you right away. Honesty is just something on another level in the Nordic nations. I will countries all over the world were like them. Unfortunately, different personalities have to exist in the world.

Dissipating Mythical Thoughts against Nordic Happiness

Despite subsequent high ranking in WHR, few myths are yet to dispute the happiness of Nordics. While some accuse Finland of high suicidal rates, others base their arguments on a cold climate. And others outrageously clung to its small and homogeneous nature. Perhaps many readers believe so too, but perhaps thoughts will change after reading this work.

None denies the fact that the Nordic climate is extremely cold during winter. Neither will you refute that tropical climate relates to happiness. Come to think of this, what about environmental adaptations? Being born and brought up in such a cold climate means you are likely to transform and befit. Like the Finnish, they experience winter to the fullest but remain happy. Although summer feels perfect, they still enjoy every bit of the dark winters. For instance, they have a historical pastime of online gaming to elevate them.

Unquestionably, suicide deaths increased in Finland between the 1970s and 1980s. But that is long ago; besides, recent reports record a similar decline. In the latest reposts, such death is equal in other European Countries. As you all know, life in Nordic is sparingly quality, courtesy of the government. Therefore, state generosity works in counteracting this myth in the present and future speculations.

Even though the suggestion point to the small size of the state as a cause of happiness, it may not be true. It is untrue in the vague claim that they develop due to a small population. Sweden, for example, is heterogeneous, with up to nineteen percent of its citizen born outside. Besides, Nordic countries receive many ex-pats in their countries who are permanent residents. However, not once did they lower their quality offers to their citizens because of such.