Instances when Danish traffic police will stop your car

Driving in any foreign country as a visitor or expat newcomer is just a perfect way to experience convenience as well as proper time management. If you ask anyone who has an opportunity to visit or live in Denmark, the situation is no different as public transport schedules may not be matching an individual’s time plan. But as a foreigner driving in any country, one thing we all fear is facing the traffic police, not after seeing those scary videos of the USA police trying to arrest motorists or execute a vehicle search. In Denmark, traffic rules have to be followed keenly lest the cameras, vigilant motorists or patrolling Danish traffic police take on you. Even with an international driving license and all approvals to drive on roads in Denmark, it’s not likely that dangerous mistakes will go unpunished. 

The worst of the experience is if the police sound their siren and pull you off the road for whatever reasons it may be. They may not rough you up, of course the police in Denmark are comparable friendly but the encounter can be never chilling. So here are the things to avoid an ugly altercation with the watchful police. 

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Police in Denmark will be on your neck for violating traffic rules 

Generally, drivers in Denmark maneuver their ways very carefully even within some of the difficult to drive in cities like Copenhagen. Even new drivers remain highly watchful and defensive to ensure they don’t break any traffic rules and land on the wrong side of the law. 

Assuredly, the police are always on the watch for traffic violators and if not, a camera ahead will capture your wrongdoing and just like that, a ticket, cut on drivers license or confiscation of your car will follow. 

Typical police in action

Just in case what you’ve read so far sounds scary, here is a nice part. A foreigner arriving in Denmark can change the foreign drivers license for a Danish one. But in case you hold an international drivers license or those that automatically fit the requirements of the Danish traffic rules, you continue without any hitches. Those without a normal residence permit in Denmark can opt to apply for Visitor’s Driving Licence at the local police station. Otherwise, check where your foreign drivers license falls under in the categories listed here. 

As a motorist in Denmark, mark the following points concerning interaction with the police; 

  • Danish traffic police have the legal right to stop your car anytime to check certain things in the vehicle. 
  • The police are allowed by law to conduct random spot checks for impaired drivers. 
  • Danish police will ask you to pull over your car to the roadside. 
  • You must obey orders when the Danish police ask you to stop your car

Common cases where police in Denmark stop motorists

Moving violations-these include failure to stop at a sign or spotlight, speeding breaches, failure to drive within the marked lines, and failure to use a signal.

Always observe the traffic signs to avoid altercation with the police

License, Registration or Equipment Breach- Depending on the situation, police may arrest you if you do not have a valid driving license or registration or provide criminal citations. 

Driving a criminal car-Having a car that was identified to be used at a crime scene is another reason your car can be stopped in Denmark. Investigations typically engage in searching for a car in association with a crime. 

Safety purposes-not all the time that the police stop you in Denmark means you are on the wrong. Danish traffic police asking you to stop your vehicle,could only be as simple as trying to ensure your safety as a motorist. 

Crazy driving– A 2021 law in Denmark allows Danish police to seize cars for crazy drivers. Crazing driving is the same as reckless driving, where you drive more than 100% above the speed limit. Also, if the police suspect you are drunk with blood alcohol content above 2.0, you will have charges pressed on you for craze driving. 

Foreigners driving in Denmark is a normal thing but with it comes a possible cost

In Denmark, just like the rest of Scandinavia, there is a manner in which new arrivals like the long term residents have a taste for good things. In the country also comes the high need for convenience and efficiency where driving oneself becomes a necessity. 

You will notice from day one that even though public transport in Denmark remains highly reliable, so many private cars still move on the roads. Any new person arriving in Denmark and has all the required driving documents acceptable in Denmark may start driving by himself. Remember, one key thing that makes a job search in Denmark less cumbersome is holding a driving license alongside a forklift certificate. 

This may sound strange but owning a car, especially used cars in Denmark can’t be bothersome. It is easy to acquire a well functioning used car in the country at a reasonable amount. Individual sellers and car dealers in Denmark make it easy for foreigners arriving in the country to get themselves suitable cars and start moving around stress free. 

 In fact, should it happen that you move to Denmark with children, they can get their driving license as early as 18 years old and start riding themselves. At this age, most of them already  have driving skills and licenses.