Demistifying Misconceptions about the Nordic Countries’ Economy

The Nordic countries are known to be among the wealthiest countries globally measured in per capita GDP. Their economy is characterized by a large public sector, and stable inflation with excellent exchange rates. Their citizens are known to enjoy the most favorable standards of living because of the many welfare benefits and a social safety net … Read more

Know about the Nordic Defense Cooperation

In the wake of Russia Ukraine invasion of Ukraine, so mucn anxiety has gripped Scandinavians. Whether the anxiety and pensivenes in the Scandinavians is out of actual threat or anything else could be subject of discussion. However, at such uncertain times and Russia being just next door, anyone may fear for own life. Therefore, knowng … Read more

Buying your first car as an expatriate in the Nordics

Coming to live or visit the Nordics remains a big dream for so many people. The region has earned a space in the global community for its relatively stable social and political environment as well as high ranking in the global happiness index. Nobody will mind going out to experience such a place, even if … Read more

Your rights in Sweden as a Nordic citizen

As a Nordic citizen, you have all rights in Sweden

Something peculiar about the Nordic region that any person can observe is the high level of mobility of citizens. Out of ten people in lets say Sweden or Norway, you have high chances of getting a native of one country in either of the two countries. Even expatriates to the Nordics find it easy to … Read more

Basic education for children in Finland

It’s needless to even emphasize that Finland comes across as one of the most beautiful countries in the Nordic region and so is its basic education.  No wonder, foreigners from different parts of the world never hesitate to take up opportunities that  become available there. Even the Ukrainian refugees currently displaced by the Russian invasion … Read more

Know more about the classic Nordic lifestyle

The Nordic countries stand out among the community of nations for having high living standards. If you doubt this, try making a comparison of the countries including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland with their peers in Europe. The evidence needs no more explanations and those who already live in these countries can attest as … Read more

Life in Copenhagen city as an expat newcomer

Denmark may not stand out as a destination where internationals move to start a new life.  But those who’ve been to the country either want to make it a permanent home or come back at a later time. The Danish culture and opportunities on the ground count among the priorities that any foreigner can die … Read more

Instances when Danish traffic police will stop your car

Driving in any foreign country as a visitor or expat newcomer is just a perfect way to experience convenience as well as proper time management. If you ask anyone who has an opportunity to visit or live in Denmark, the situation is no different as public transport schedules may not be matching an individual’s time … Read more

Win first round selection to study in Denmark

If you ask any ambitious youth or teenager in developing economies, say in Africa, the Caribbean or Asia about what their academic goals are, studying abroad will feature a lot. It’s all because universities in the developed world have cut themselves out for great innovations, research and inventions in so many fields. So a longing … Read more