Buying your first car as an expatriate in the Nordics

Coming to live or visit the Nordics remains a big dream for so many people. The region has earned a space in the global community for its relatively stable social and political environment as well as high ranking in the global happiness index. Nobody will mind going out to experience such a place, even if … Read more

Your rights in Sweden as a Nordic citizen

As a Nordic citizen, you have all rights in Sweden

Something peculiar about the Nordic region that any person can observe is the high level of mobility of citizens. Out of ten people in lets say Sweden or Norway, you have high chances of getting a native of one country in either of the two countries. Even expatriates to the Nordics find it easy to … Read more

Popular car insurance companies in Finland

While owning a car in other countries might be a given, this is not the case in Finland. You might be surprised to discover that a good number of people who live in Finnish urban centres don’t own a car. This could be because most cities have reliable and effective public transportation so no need … Read more

Considerations when picking a car Insurance in the Nordics

 rheUnlike in other parts of the world where car ownership could be a pipe dream, a lot of people in the Nordics own cars. Even as an expat arriving in any of the Nordic countries, it would be advisable that you just decide which car model exactly you would buy. If you are really focused … Read more

Norway, the Best Nordic Country to in which to Settle

A lot of things happen in our world today. One important thing is that we now live in a global village where the internet and advanced aviation has literally made us a global village. So many can attest to the fact that working internationally and even relocating to a whole new place has never been … Read more

3 of the Frequently asked Questions about the Nordics answered

The Nordics may not be a popular name out there compared to Scandinavia. Just to avoid any confusion the Nordics is a single word that means the region consisting of countries of Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway. These countries occupy the Northern Europe region  and have earned a space in the global map for happiness … Read more

Some Good Behaviours You’ll Likely Learn as an Expat in Denmark

It would be disingenuous for anyone to claim having travelled widely without making it to Denmark. The country is a major destination for many expats thanks to the favourable working conditions and access to a well functioning public healthcare. Denmark is also a good vacation destination thanks to the many attractions and its proximity to … Read more

Some Controversial Behaviour One May Likely Pick Up in Denmark

So much has been talked about and written about Denmark by expat residents, visitors and anyone else who cares to review the country. Maybe by now you know way too well that Denmark is among the happiest countries in the world, has a lot of attractions, hosts some of the best universities and can be … Read more

Acquire Danish Citizenship as an Expat

Moving to Denmark can be an over exciting dream to some yet full of anxiety to others. But whichever emotions one has, the reality comes at the point when one begins the real process of trying to get a Schengen visa to Denmark. The crux of the matter even gets clearer and sometimes a little … Read more

All You Need to Know About Schengen Visa

Europe is a major destination for people from different countries across the world. Whether you are looking for quality education or employment opportunities, Europe has it all. However, it is also a major tourist destination thanks to the various attractions in some of its countries. It would be a great think to get more details … Read more