3 of the Frequently asked Questions about the Nordics answered

The Nordics may not be a popular name out there compared to Scandinavia. Just to avoid any confusion the Nordics is a single word that means the region consisting of countries of Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway. These countries occupy the Northern Europe region  and have earned a space in the global map for happiness and political stability. In the world today people try seeking opportunities in different corners including the Nordics. When planning to move, it’s only practical that we first get to understand every bit about the place we want to make a home.  In the spirit of preparing an ambitious person intending to move, we explore and answer Frequently asked Questions about the Nordics. Being aware of the Nordics makes you well prepared to adapt to the new environment and absorb social changes that come with being a new arrival. 

Best to know that of the countries that fall within the Nordic region, social welfare and happiness form part of the priority issues.  The Nordic countries are among the most visited regions for holidays due to the unique attractions, rich history, serene nature, many opportunities and more. If you plan to have a trip to any part of the world, the Nordics will be the right place to have the time of your life. 

Whether for a short visit or long stay in the Nordics, the goal always remains to make the experience memorable. To get such an experience that counts, you need to fully organize yourself in terms of budget and money to explore the Nordic regions for a valuable time. These regions guarantee the best sightseeing places to explore, and you can also have the best colleges and universities for your studies. You can also find a dating partner in the Nordic region, which is the best experience. 

A little History about Nordics 

The Nordic countries operate in tune with each other under the stewardship of the Nordic council. The council occupies itself with trying all possible means to make the region prosperous and stable. To this point, the Nordic region ranks among the rich economies globally. To be precise, the wealth endowments of the Nordics is well managed to ensure that bona fide members get the best. So the region enjoys small wage gaps, high employment, and high taxation to sustain the robust social welfare system. 

One exciting thing about the Nordics is that they are positioned among the first countries in the global happiness index. They are also ranked highly in terms of their high-quality facilities, top-notch education programs and political stability. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Nordics answered

In the absence of complete information about a destination, rumors, half truths, perceptions, lies and unrealistic experiences thrive. If there is anything that troubles the mind of someone planning to seek new opportunities in a foreign country then the anxiety of what awaits on the other end reigns high. 

To save anyone wishing to or at the verge of moving to the Nordics the trouble of worrying about would be experiences, we need to demystify misconceptions. Similarly, we intend to debunk fallacies and at least give a balanced impression of what the Nordics will be for a newcomer. The end goal is not to create a utopia of sorts in the mind of a newcomer but also avoid being over critical on issues of concern to them. 

  • Are the Nordics Extremely cold?

As you and I well know, countries that lie within the polar regions experience extreme temperatures. The Nordic countries border the arctic region where glaciers and permafrost dominate. In the months of Winter and even Autumn and Spring, the weather can be so hostile to the skin especially for expats from tropical climates. But in the Nordics people need to choose proper clothing and avoid blaming it on the weather because it has been like that over the years and won’t change just because we complain.

To fit in the sometimes negative temperatures experienced in the Nordics, just visit an apparel shop, pick a warm wear and always keep yourself insulated from the cold. Also, each house in the Nordics has a connection to the heating systems which keeps the indoor warm. When driving on winter snow, be careful and maintain your car tyres all the time. 

  • Why are the Nordic countries so successful?

This is one of the questions that most expats ask about the Nordics. People relate Nordics to success, and I can tell you that the Nordic community thrives. Nordic is related to winning because of its high social and institutional trust. Various studies have revealed that institutional quality makes people more satisfied with their lives in these countries. Other things that make the Nordics successful are social-economic equality, extensive welfare benefits and high-quality democratic institutions

People seeking to know why the Nordics are always successful also need to appreciate that its success has an almost causative link to the happiness experienced in each of the countries. People tend to be more comfortable in countries with easy access to generous welfare benefits and good facilities and institutions. Other simple factors that show Nordics are successful hence determining their happiness are the relatively low unemployment and crime rates. This indicates that only fewer people are unhappy in these regions. 

  • Why are Nordics so beautiful?

To some, this question may sound ridiculous but most people usually want to know why Nordics seem so beautiful. A recognisable sense of beauty define the Nordic people, particularly their women and attractions. To start with, the  beauty of the Nordics manifests right from their women. Although beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, the Nordic women come across as being attractive, elegant, independent and self aware. If you are an expat, one day, if you visit the Nordics, try and be keen on the Nordic beauties. They often have a fair skin complexion, blue eyes, and light hair and are mainly tall with slender figures that define most models and high cheekbones. 

Another thing is how the Nordics have managed to control their environment to live in a sense of serene peace. Visit any of their major cities and witness how well the forests blend with the buildings. The rivers  majestically meander in their channels passing under city buildings like they were naturally ordered to do that. Waterfronts have been so much developed so that any person feeling troubled by te bustle of city life can take an evening walk, sit on the benches and watch the waves splashing. It is a great health spa to be honest.

The harmony between modernisation and nature in the Nordics is just epic. Don’t even get started on the rich medieval history that predates the Viking age. The Nordics know way too well of the need to preserve history in museums and other monuments.