Life in Copenhagen city as an expat newcomer

Denmark may not stand out as a destination where internationals move to start a new life.  But those who’ve been to the country either want to make it a permanent home or come back at a later time. The Danish culture and opportunities on the ground count among the priorities that any foreigner can die for. But, do you know that so many people come to Denmark and start living in Copenhagen without ever going into the interior parts of the country such as Funen and Jutland? The country’s capital city is a melting port of culture and has a lot of opportunities that keep immigrants too engaged to even think about travelling the rest of the country.

At the mention of Denmark, making it to Copenhagen becomes irresistible given its natural bliss in a blend of the city buzz. As the capital city of Denmark, it has a thing or two to pride itself in apart from living there. If not for its hygge then you will never fail to delight in its merry-making points. Others like quality lifestyle and plenty of employment opportunities fall somewhere on that very same list.

Getting a go at life in Copenhagen

One thing that is a little arguable once you step foot in Copenhagen is its high living standards. Just to avoid adding to your culture shock, carry some generous amount of money to begin life as an expatriate. It is much easier if you secure a regular paying job to help with expenses here and there.

In most cases, expatriates who think of relocating to Denmark either have a family or are planning to establish one. Therefore, the million-dollar question is whether Copenhagen can sustain its families or not. And the singles also wonder if they can win a Danish damsel or Mr. right. They need them to aid in cosying up and refuge from the freezing winters. Yeah of course, and I will make it easy for you, read through this page and give thanks later.

Living with your Family in Copenhagen as an Emigrant

You Do not Need to Fear as an Emigrant, Bring Your Family along to Copenhagen. Did you know it is disingenuous to talk of a work-life balance if you have never worked in Copenhagen? Yes, because there, it is never strange to leave your job at 3 pm, pick up your kid from school and head back home.

Furthermore, there is still a five-week paid holiday annually. You can catch up with your loved ones and get some quality bonding time. Don’t forget about the paid parental leaves, which go for 32 to 40 weeks.

Obviously, a child’s welfare is a weightier concern to parents than anything else is. And it would mean quality childcare and education. Here, Copenhagen nailed it for its excellent education and childcare that is unparalleled globally. With not only qualified practitioners and teachers, but it is also free of charge.

Another aspect worth mentioning is free and quality healthcare. At least Denmark deserves thumbs-up for sorting out such popping medical bills. For that, Danes never complain about high taxation, because it all gets back to them through such public services. And naturally, it is undoubted that Copenhagen has the best schools and hospitals being the capital city.

About Housing and Accommodation in Copenhagen

Even with all the mentioned work relief, you will need a place to shelter. So then your list of things to do must include accommodation. You may wonder if it’s possible to get one out of the many semi-detached apartments for yourself.

Sure, you will, but it is not as easy as ABC be it a furnished or unfurnished apartment or even a hus. A house hunt is daunting in Copenhagen, and it may take you a couple of months to get an affordable one. Apart from being costly, the procedures of renting plus documents to bring along make it quite a tiring task.

Have you heard about a rental contract? Here is a rough view of what a rental contract looks like. And in your house still, you should know that utility bills are an exception from house rent. Besides, it’s appropriate to look into it as well to avoid unnecessary ignorance.

How it goes with Payment of Utility Bills in Copenhagen

Usually, gas and water bills are paid directly to the landlord by the tenant monthly. So others like electricity and internet bills are entirely on the tenant. It may only be tedious when the electricity supplier is different from a network provider. In such a case, you will pay for the two services separately. Anyway, it is pointless to worry because Ørsted Company combines the two to make it easier.

With kids in mind, or even solo-stay still calls for leisure time and a bit of entertainment. And that too during the cold and dark winters when people keep it indoors. Of course, media devices like a laptop or TV come in handy right then. Just get yourself a media license at a fair bill through the State Broadcasters and that’s all. Above all, you should use the utilities sparingly because the bill relies on estimated consumption.

The Societal Relating Nature of Danes

For foreigners who may have no friend or relative to count on, making new friends is so obvious. Many who have encountered Danes have however testified to their reserved and shy nature. It is ironic to take months before making friends in a country well renowned in the happiness index. With patience and indulgence in fun activities, be sure to break the ice quite sooner.

Speaking Danish is an Added Advantage when living in Copenhagen

Needless to say that you will get help asking around in stations or even airports in English. Danish are excellent at English, but to socialize more or in job-seeking adventure; the Danish language will scale you up. For sure, Danish is quite a struggle to learn but with consistency, you are good to go.

Going around or Transportation when Living in Copenhagen

When in Copenhagen, you don’t need to worry about moving around. You can bring along your bike, rent or even buy a new one to enjoy going around. Try it, you will highly enjoy it.

Danes are much into cycling no wonder there are hundreds of kilometers designated for bicycle tracks in Copenhagen. Being a casual society, Danes do not only talk and dress casually but they often use bikes to go just everywhere. Therefore, do not miss your chance to socialize, just get a bike, and ride along and it will surely sweep you off your feat.