How to go about Online dating in the Nordics

Today we live in a world where distance can’t pose any  hindrance to two people who are really seeking for love. It’s very much possible to get your match online, arrange a meeting then continue dating. Furthermore, some of these relationships end up successful hence leads to marriage. So if someone is out there and is feeling the pressure and urge to date through using the dating apps, giving it a try is not a bad idea.

As a matter of fact, no one is perfect. It’s just a matter of setting up your mind, signing up for it and giving it a try. When moving to the Nordics as a single lady or man, it would be a great idea to look out to try online dating there. But in order to succeed in online dating in the Nordics, you obviously need to master the art and hone the skills that connect you to strangers before turning them into best friends and partners. 

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What you may need to know when dating online in the Nordics

When one starts dating online, the first thing to do is pick the various apps available today wisely. As many people would already know, dating apps are mushrooming today more than ever before to the extent that knowing the best one which guarantees expected results may be difficult. In fact, there are so many scammers who take advantage of the adventurous people taking on online dating. 

You may get a dating site with a splash of fake yet attractive pictures.  Robots actually operate some of them with no actual human beings to chat with, wink at or connect to. This can be a great disappointment especially when you have already spotted an attractive profile, started a conversation, given yourself to the game then boom! It dawns on you that it was some robot playing with your emotions. To make it worse, by the time you get to know it, you have already paid and feel a little uneasy to go out shaming the service providers. These multiple tragic experiences have become so common. 

Set up a compelling, attractive user profile

By saying an attractive profile that compels the other users to notice you, we don’t mean you go nude or post profanities. Posting nudes ends up making you appear like a porn star which then beats the intended purpose of genuinely meeting a good person for something mutual and long term. It could be okay to post suggestive images on one night stand websites which encourage sex and no strings attached but this works against your goals when it comes to online dating sites. 

To escape possible scams, check other user profiles too just to understand their online behaviour. With a little consciousness, your instincts will let you identify whether some users are just having fun or really looking out for something serious. Being straightforward and even setting your intentions clear by listing them on the profile works greatly. 

When you finally get to click and like each other, both parties need to be honest with each other and take charge. Don’t rush it, you need to be open minded because I personally know there is pressure for things to turn out romantic quickly.

First Impressions in online dating

This is the unwritten rule in online dating-you have to be aggressive in a unique way, know what you want, the kind of person who matches your personality and really go  for it. The streets of online dating aren’t where you sign up and coil yourself in a corner, cross your legs and sit pretty waiting for god knows who to identify and come calling. No way. You have to be really active and not at all passive. The beauty with online dating is that even as an introvert, you can still hide behind the keyboard and put up an aggressive personality that wins the game for you. This is not to mean you should be a fake. Being fake kills the morale of your would be match. 

As they say, the impression you create on other users of the online dating platform means the whole world is on your path to finding a match. It is the best selling point. Not to mean that online dating means selling oneself like oranges and apples in the store, no. The impression will determine the kind of people who will approach you, how they put their case and sustain the conversation. A weak impression will likely attract jokers your way and that is definitely what you want.

The impression matters a lot

The first impression is always you. Post a variety of pictures and you need to keep it positive. And because most of the time the conversation will always be in writing, use proper spelling and grammar so that the other party cannot always feel that you are not learned or something like that sort. One also needs to be sure of how accurate the first impression is since it is a case of love at second sight. Don’t be a person who gets carried away so easily and asks open questions.

Tips for setting up a compelling profile on a dating site in the Nordics

 In some cultures, taking to online dating may be considered as a desperation, looseness or acting sluttish but this isn’t the case in the Nordics. Actually, the Nordics do not judge people on their choices as long as it pleases them and does not interfere with the freedoms of others. In short, no cause for guilt, no need for pity or looking over your shoulder.

Just give it your all, set your standards, make your expectations clear, proactively answer questions that may be lingering in someone’s mind. In online dating sites, being forthright and saying it as it is saves a great deal. Do not assume that people can understand or will along the way adjust to a few things. Yes, adjusting is possible but the foundation has to be firmly grounded. 

First you’ll have to create a winning profile by making a list of your desires to help you clarify what you want to say before writing and also avoid a lot of clichés. Don’t major mainly in childhood events, the focus should be about your day and how you spend your time. The right way to write a profile for online dating is to ensure that you use interesting and compelling examples of what you like by expressing them.

Observe Dating etiquette at all times ; although unwritten

Being a virtual meeting place for those looking for lovers, online dating sites tend to attract malicious people who take advantage of anonymity to do their worst. Even though screening of new subscribers helps to eliminate people with weird intentions and character, some still end up passing through. As a user, do not expect to operate freestyle with no boundaries. Important norms must be observed at all times.

While trying to connect with the would be love of your life, don’t be vulgar  and profane in the kind of conversation you take. Yes sometimes it can take a sexual and romantic turn even before you meet in person but then you need to just keep it discreet. An openly vulgar approach which doesn’t match the other person’s moves may just end up turning off to some people. 

Also don’t be in a spree to change people to who they are not. People on online dating platforms like to keep it real and not be forced in any form or shape to model a person they are not in real life.As we are all aware that not only in online dating requires patience and also ability to read people and get to know them better. Most of the conversations should revolve around photos and bios but most fail when it comes to communication. While having a conversation, one should not wait too long to reply because it is likely to piss someone off easily.

Common alert flags to watch out for when dating online in the Nordics

One will automatically know it’s a red flag when the other party is moving too quickly and says I love you within the few days you’ve known each other and it’s also very ironic when someone immediately starts developing problems and wanting money immediately in the process of getting to know each other. Through that alone, one will start disconnecting themselves slowly. Your match should not be constantly pushing you to share personal information when you are not comfortable sharing them yet, it’s a red flag since privacy and boundaries are critical in every relationship.

You will also start to notice that a person is not real when you video call them and they always have an excuse. As I said earlier that not everyone is serious about dating, some are just conmen and just want to waste your time and some will also make you feel bad about yourself.