Unique aspects of dating life in the Nordics

Each passing day, people cross borders to seek opportunities in the Nordics. The region has a notoriety known and coveted for its high political stability, rich social welfare programs and happiness ranking. So, any person would not think twice about a chance to move over. While those moving may centre their plans around more serious issues such as getting university admission, research, work, cultural exchange, name it; the possibility of dating in the Nordics always lurks behind the façade especially for single people.

The irresistible Nordic damsels and sporty men are a darling of many who would wish to just have a romantic experience with them. As much as an expat may be interested in finding a dating partner in the Nordics, it beats logic that differences in socialization may become a hindrance. No wonder you need to know the particular aspects of dating in the Nordics to avoid frustrating experiences. 

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Although finding a soulmate in a different country is increasingly becoming common, some cultural quirks might appear as a surprise. Dating in the Nordic countries can be challenging for foreigners who are not acquainted with their culture. It is said that most Nordics don’t date in the usual way. Instead, they are fond of skipping the flirting phase and very direct regarding their feelings. It is obvious that everyone is different when it comes to romance, but these tips are unique and at the same time helpful to expats. 

1. Having a liking for the bottle brings you closer to bagging a soulmate in the Nordics

Your chances of winning the heart of your soulmate get high if you suggest having a drink at a bar. Nordics are at their peak sociable while in bars. While most Nordics are not very talkative with first timers, they begin loosening up after their third beer – this is known to be the start of the night. Besides, most bars in Nordic countries have long wooden tables that can accommodate one group of friends, so it is important to grab one and start the dialog. Tip: converse with friends of the person you are attracted to before giving your crush the needed attention. 

2. A fancy dinner sometimes won’t impress

Taking someone out for dinner on the first date is somehow common in other countries. However, people from Nordic countries don’t appreciate it very much. There’s a likelihood of stagnating on the table for hours with prolonged embarrassing silence and an expensive bill to settle at the end. Rather, try to be a bit unique by being creative. Don’t come up with a crazy idea, but something more casual like taking a walk around a picnic site (depending on the date’s taste) may offer good results. Ensure to carry with you a six pack of beers if you intend to break the ice faster. 

3. Boys and girls alike make the first move

In several countries, there exists a “flirting trend” where men make eye contact with the opposite gender, approach, commence a conversation and ask for their personal contacts. Then afterwards proceed to host them for a date. This is not the case in most Nordic countries. It is quite normal for women to make the first move, a practice which may be built on the fact that most Nordic societies have been established on an egalitarian model (everybody is considered equal). Most Nordic boys are known to shy off and not very familiar with flirting. So if you have a feeling for someone, don’t keep waiting for them to take the initiative, you should give it a try and you may reap big. 

4. Consider not being too stingy – or too generous 

Men should restrain from insisting on paying the bill and women should not expect much. In the Nordic countries, it is quite popular to split the bill. Those people still be obsessed with  traditional expectations where bills must be slide to the man will be shocked. If you are at a city joint, let the first round of drinks be on your bill and there’s a high likelihood that the date will cater for the second round. It is a cool way to avoid any form of embarrassment when the invoice arrives. 

5. Avoid overdressing 

Most Nordics are stylish but they hardly wear fancy apparels. They know better than anyone when it comes to comfort and style. A trendy outfit will certainly be commended, but be careful not to overdo it. Overdressing may end up being embarrassing or creating a feeling of discomfort. 

6. Regarding relationships 

If you consider traditional dating, Nordic is definitely not your nest. You may be from a cultural background where love is expressed dramatically via grand gestures. In the Nordics, it all entails calmness and persistence. It is more about smaller tokens of affection instead of costly trinkets and flower banquets. 

In the Nordics, Dating is usually a slow process. Usually beginning with sex, increased sex, normal hangouts, sex again, which eventually leads into a relationship somewhere at the end of it all. Go slow on restaurant dates. Maintain casual hangouts and sex and save the restaurant when the relationship begins.