Know more about the classic Nordic lifestyle

The Nordic countries stand out among the community of nations for having high living standards. If you doubt this, try making a comparison of the countries including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland with their peers in Europe. The evidence needs no more explanations and those who already live in these countries can attest as … Read more

Why the Nordic Nations are Happy

In general, Nordic countries rank top on the global happiness index, with people trusting one another and the government. For quite some time, Nordic has maintained a high rank in the World’s Happiest Report (WHR). The big question remains, what is the secret? While the notion relates warm climate to happiness, it baffles how Nordics … Read more

Things People often Get Wrong about Nordic Nations

Just before your heart skips, things naturally pop into your mind at the mention of the Nordic region. In an endless list of breath-taking adventures lie beautiful sceneries, generous state welfare, and many more. It would help if you never forgot about its record-breaking name attached to World Happiness Report. Everything feels perfect with an … Read more