Buying your first car as an expatriate in the Nordics

Coming to live or visit the Nordics remains a big dream for so many people. The region has earned a space in the global community for its relatively stable social and political environment as well as high ranking in the global happiness index. Nobody will mind going out to experience such a place, even if … Read more

Life in Copenhagen city as an expat newcomer

Denmark may not stand out as a destination where internationals move to start a new life.  But those who’ve been to the country either want to make it a permanent home or come back at a later time. The Danish culture and opportunities on the ground count among the priorities that any foreigner can die … Read more

Popular car insurance companies in Finland

While owning a car in other countries might be a given, this is not the case in Finland. You might be surprised to discover that a good number of people who live in Finnish urban centres don’t own a car. This could be because most cities have reliable and effective public transportation so no need … Read more

Considerations when picking a car Insurance in the Nordics

 rheUnlike in other parts of the world where car ownership could be a pipe dream, a lot of people in the Nordics own cars. Even as an expat arriving in any of the Nordic countries, it would be advisable that you just decide which car model exactly you would buy. If you are really focused … Read more

Norms in the Nordics to observe as an expatriate

The Nordic has emerged as a strong regional cooperation despite a chequered history of wars, revolution, and changes in borders. In continental Europe, there is a uniformity and actual similarity in how the Nordic countries work. Any keen expatriate arriving in any of the four Nordic countries will note that the social, political and economic … Read more

Why the Nordic Nations are Happy

In general, Nordic countries rank top on the global happiness index, with people trusting one another and the government. For quite some time, Nordic has maintained a high rank in the World’s Happiest Report (WHR). The big question remains, what is the secret? While the notion relates warm climate to happiness, it baffles how Nordics … Read more

Best of the Social Security in Denmark

Denmark, just like many European countries, prides itself of being at the forefront of safeguarding the social needs of its bona fide residents. As soon as you set foot in Denmark, get registered in the Danish Civil Registration System (CPR) and get issued with a unique identifier popularly known as CPR number, it’s time to … Read more

Janteloven; collective accomplishment and humility among Danes

People who don’t have a lot of international experience rely heavily on the media to understand how things happen abroad. Among the things that internationals look for is  an understanding of what treatment to expect from a society they would enter abroad. Unfortunately, much of the stories that get to hit the headlines in the … Read more