Important documents for a person going to study in the Nordics

We can all agree that the world today has become a small village where one can  easily study in the Nordics. In fact, its possible  to study in Norway, take a study exchange program in Romania, travel for an internship in Germany, do research in Africa and then graduate virtually from the comfort of a first … Read more

3 of the Frequently asked Questions about the Nordics answered

The Nordics may not be a popular name out there compared to Scandinavia. Just to avoid any confusion the Nordics is a single word that means the region consisting of countries of Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway. These countries occupy the Northern Europe region  and have earned a space in the global map for happiness … Read more

Citizen Rules on Voting Rights in Nordic Countries

In the Nordic region, you are so welcome to enjoy your longer stay as a dual citizen. By this it means, you will retain your home citizenship and still belong to the Nordic country in question. Amazingly, all five Nordic countries have finally conformed to accommodating inside and outside citizens. However, each of the countries … Read more