Basic education for children in Finland

It’s needless to even emphasize that Finland comes across as one of the most beautiful countries in the Nordic region and so is its basic education.  No wonder, foreigners from different parts of the world never hesitate to take up opportunities that  become available there. Even the Ukrainian refugees currently displaced by the Russian invasion … Read more

Win first round selection to study in Denmark

If you ask any ambitious youth or teenager in developing economies, say in Africa, the Caribbean or Asia about what their academic goals are, studying abroad will feature a lot. It’s all because universities in the developed world have cut themselves out for great innovations, research and inventions in so many fields. So a longing … Read more

Important documents for a person going to study in the Nordics

We can all agree that the world today has become a small village where one can  easily study in the Nordics. In fact, its possible  to study in Norway, take a study exchange program in Romania, travel for an internship in Germany, do research in Africa and then graduate virtually from the comfort of a first … Read more