Best courses to study in the Nordic Universities as an expatriate student

Year in and year out, students from abroad, especially from the developing world cross  borders to study in the Nordics. A good number of these ambitious students belong to the lucky lot that secure lucrative scholarships available in the region for internationals. As much as every course a student pursues has relevance in the industry, it would be a great decision to select the best. So here we shine an important light on the best courses to study in the Nordic Universities as an expatriate student. 

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The end goal is to help place your interests, career ambitions and mindset in the correct place. Actually, choosing the best course puts you one foot into immediately starting off your career within the region after graduation. 

A little introduction to the Nordics

For someone wondering what all the Nordics are about but really interested in studying abroad, let’s first define it for you. The Nordic is a region made up of countries in northern Europe and North Atlantic. The individual countries that make up the Nordics include Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland.  

The countries that make up  the Nordics don’t just identify together by fate or geographical location but have a common history and culture that act as unifiers. Further to these ties, the countries collaborate through the Nordic council. So, if planning to study abroad in the Nordics, applying to or getting a scholarship offer in a university located within any of the four countries well places you in the region. One thing about these countries is that they rank highly in the global happiness index, have political stability, offer top notch courses, have well  equipped facilities and develop students in whole to fit the job market. 

Great study options for international students  who study in the Nordic Universities

You must have noticed the high number of students in a near stampede, rushing to study in the UK, the USA, Canada or Australia. Not so many people really try out coming to study in the Nordics but those who succeed to come, make their study trip count in a big way. In fact, the level of training and support that students get from faculty members plus industry level collaborations between universities and companies make them largely practical oriented. 

Although this should not be news at all, universities in the Nordic countries have numerous Degree, Masters and PhD programmes from which anyone can choose from. Provided that you meet all the set out selection criteria and qualifications match the program requirements, getting admission to a university in the Nordics should be yours to lose. 

Nordic Universities simultaneously beat career and academic path for you 

One important thing is that the universities and programs that they offer have high recognition not only within the European Union but also globally.  The study programs are structured in a way that experiential and practical learning become core of training. Yes, theory too has its place but at the end, the theories get tested in real life exposures to companies through exchange programs, internships or collaborative research. 

At the  risk of being judged as heaping too many accolades, it’s good to also point out that the universities rank among the best in Europe. The government of respective countries in the Nordics have a close overview on the operations of the universities, the professors and researchers do their work diligently without needing to be pushed. The end result is a fully baked and ready graduate to take up on industry specific challenges moving onward.  You literally get to benefit from interactive lectures, practical assignments and top research facilities.

Excellent courses offered in Denmark

Some of the best study options in Denmark include Business, IT and engineering.  Actually, every year, vacancies related to these fields make it to the Danish positive list. You get a chance to study engineering aspects such as renewable energy and telecommunications. Some of the best courses to look up for in Denmark include;

  • Business Management
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering and Technology

Popular courses to check out  in Finland

Finland comes out as a silent country in Northern Europe where temperatures can always get too low making many expats shun moving there. But, those who know the great treasures waiting in Finland will choose the country anytime and any day. For students planning to study in Finland, they have an opportunity to be guided by world class professors and business practitioners.

Should you decide to enrol in a Finish university as an international student, there is always a promise to work closely with tech wizards. The Finnish universities also have well-developed and clearly thought out study options in IT and business. Study programs align towards social welfare meaning numerous programmes in medicine also stand out. Some of the study disciplines to select from include; 

  • Art and Design
  • International business
  • Computer Science
  • Life sciences
  • Engineering 

Study in Sweden

Sweden stands out when it comes to offering world class study programs within well equipped university environments. Moreover, gender equality has been well mainstream in the study programs which means an international student can select a course without hesitation on grounds of gender. In fact, more and more women in Sweden actively pursue courses in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in Sweden which points to a great transition. 

Here is part of the courses that one can select to pursue in Sweden. 

  • Social science
  • Design and architecture
  • Business

Study programs in Norway open to international students

Start the adventure of a lifetime with the best courses in Norway. You can choose the following courses that will definitely get you employed without much hassle.

  • International environmental and development studies
  • Business Administration
  • Applied data science
  • Arctic adventure tourism
  • Interactive media game

The courses above well count as hot cakes according to the market needs in our current century. Choose wisely considering chances of employment opportunities.

Top Tier universities in Nordic countries that an international Student can apply to

Amongst the best Education systems in the world, Nordic countries emphasize learning. This approach  inculcates skills of independent and practical thinking. According to an analysis of the students’ votes, it’s obvious that the Universities are doing something highly recommendable. Choosing courses goes hand in hand with the respective desired university for study.

Universities you should know about in Sweden

Sweden has a long academic tradition. So many of its universities have the aura of the past, located in imposing historical buildings. For an expatriate student these are just examples;

  1. KTH royal institute of technology
  2. Uppsala university
  3. Stockholm university
  4. Karolinska institute

Great university in Denmark

The best way to experience Denmark as a student is to select the perfect course in a serene university. The universities in Denmark have students drawn from different parts of the world thus giving you a great chance for cultural exchange and knowledge exchange.  

Danish universities rank among the best globally which means a choice of any places you are in the league of top notch scholars. Some of the notable universities in Denmark to select from include; 

  1. Aalborg university
  2. Roskilde university
  3. Technical University of Denmark
  4. University of Southern Denmark
  5. Aarhus University
  6. Technical University of Denmark

For a complete list of universities in Denmark, please search here 

Universities in Finland to choose from in Finland

The whole Finnish educational system starting with day-care and ending in post graduate studies is one of the best in the world. When it comes to a good university, here is a possible list to start with; 

  1. Hamk university of Applied sciences
  2. Centrist university of Applied sciences
  3. Aalto university

The full list of universities in Finland can be found at

Many Nordic Universities offer a growing selection of opportunities to study in English. This applies to all the countries with different programmes at Bachelor, Masters at PhD levels.

Why study in the Nordic countries?

Studying in the Nordic universities offer you access to the best learning facilities, excellent researchers, top tier professors, practical learning environment and industry-level collaboration with companies. It’s never a waste of time to enrol in these universities. 

One thing about the Nordic universities is that some only people from outside the EU pay tuition fees. This means that education isn’t commercialized and that the faculty members have just one motivation which is to holistically train the student. There is a peculiar case in Norway where universities allow students from any country who has successfully enrolled to study without paying any tuition fees whatsoever. 

Most courses take a short period of time for studies. It’s all up to you now to take the bold and faithful step of Logging in to the appropriate university website and check out the necessities. Do not be left out Nordic is the best place that offers your courses