The Enduring Spectacle of the Northern Lights

The Nordics have a name attached to their unique history, rich attractions and picturesque landscape. A visitor to this part of the world will obviously get enchanted with the sights and sound of the Nordics. There is awesomeness and serenity up there not to mention the extremely snowy and cold winters. But over and above these, there are the Northern lights. For anyone interested in updating the list of the Wonders of the world, maybe the enduring spectacle of the Northern Lights could well fit as number eight. 

Of all the spectacles in the world, the Northern lights remain high on many people’s wish lists or must watch. Whether or not you have witnessed them before, they always have a new experience to offer. Not only do they ripple, but also dance, swirl and pulsate. I guess you can imagine the great aura that these lights create, the soothing effect they may give to troubled souls. To sum it in a simple word as awesome would still be an understatement. They are the one spectacle that you can experience over and over and still feel goose bumps each time. 

Appearance of the Northern Lights

While other times the enduring spectacle of the Northern Lights come out as curtains, other times you might liken them to long, ghostly trails in the sky. Most people who have seen them before will tell you that they are green. However, you will be pleased to know that occasionally, they are tinged in red or purple. Their mysterious nature could be why the ancient people likened them to a myth or maybe even magic. 

To get the best view of the Northern lights, you should visit any day in October through late March. However, the peak visibility is usually December through February. Even as you plan to witness these lights, keep in mind that you might not always see them during your tour. Remember that they are a naturally occurring phenomenon. 

The Mysterious Northern Lights 

You might be wondering why the Northern lights are so hyped by many people who have seen them. Well, you have probably witnessed or experienced the excitement that comes with a star-studded winter night sky. However, while it might be a sight to behold, when outdone by bursts of green, blue and purple, it becomes just breath-taking! This is exactly the feeling you get when you see the Northern lights. 

The Northern lights are also known as the polar lights or aurora borealis in Latin. They are visible from high altitude regions during the night. The northern lights are a light marvel that occur naturally. When electrically charged particles collide, there is subsequent ionization leading to different colours and forms of light or what is known as the Northern lights. 

Not a bad idea to be among those traveling to come see the Northern lights

Thousands of people travel up north every year to catch a glimpse of this amazing canvas. Luckily, it can be seen from high-altitude regions so you have many options of where to view them from. One such place is in Scandinavia’s Nordic regions. Here, you will find many activities geared towards offering only the best views of this enchanting Phenomenon. 

So, you can choose the most convenient time to go on a walking tour, visit a secluded lodge or board a sky lift to experience them too. Some people have even humorously referred to the Northern lights as nature’s own fireworks.  It will sure make your year a special one and you will get to cross one item off your wish list! 

Viewing the Northern Lights from the Nordic Region 

By now you have probably read many articles about the Northern lights (aurora borealis). One thing most of these articles agree on is that the Nordic region is a prime viewing spot for the Northern lights. This is because the northern lights are not only visible on clear winter nights, but also at high northern latitudes, especially around the Arctic Circle.

So, the Nordic region’s proximity to the arctic circle makes it a great spot. Here are some great places to view the Northern lights in the Nordic region. 

Aurora Sky Station – Abisko National Park

This is a good spot to catch a glimpse of the Northern lights if you are visiting, moving to or living in Sweden. Luckily for you, it is known worldwide as one of the best places to see the northern lights. It offers one of the best views of the lights that will leave your Instagram followers thrilled with your amazing photos of them. 

Keep in mind that you will also have access to other aspects of the national park, including the Abisko tourist station and nearby Aurora Sky Station. To access the station, you take a 20-minute chairlift. The station staff also provide warm clothes. You then join the thousands of people who throng the watchtower to catch a glimpse of the epic dancing lights.

Lofoten Island Beaches 

If you are a fan of the beach and prefer Norway to Sweden, then this might be the place for you. Visiting here during the midwinter season will give you a dazzling glimpse of the Northern lights. The only downside is that you might not find the classical holiday experience on these beaches. But hey, for a glimpse of the northern lights it is definitely worth the trouble. Besides, you might love the surrounding Norwegian mountains and the archipelago of Lofoten. They also offer wide and clear skies while also giving you a chance for boat and kayak excursions around them.

Máttaráhkká – Northern Lights Lodge 

This is another amazing place in Sweden where you can catch a glimpse of the Northern lights. This small family-run lodge is situated on the outskirts of Kiruna in the northernmost part of Sweden. Other than the Northern lights, you also get to enjoy the crackling fireplaces and an Instagram-worthy view of the snow-covered Kiruna mountains. They also offer snowmobile excursions and night-time barbeques to enhance your northern lights experience. Besides, the fact that its setting prevents any light pollution is an added advantage.  

Aurora Borealis adventure – Lapland Safaris 

If Sweden and Norway are not your cup of tea or convenient enough, then you can settle for Finland. This spot is perfect for those who fancy trekking and wouldn’t mind an informative history tour. Similarly, if you believe in the magic of Christmas and Santa Claus, then you might love this spot even more! It offers you a chance to actively search for the northern lights by foot in Rovaniemi (Santa’s official hometown). It is a town located on the arctic circle. Here, all Northern Lights hunters can participate in excursions by foot, complete with a picnic and guided tour of the surrounding area.