Moving to Nordic Countries from Abroad

There comes a time when you need a change of environment. Maybe for work, studies, or perhaps just to take a break from work life. Therefore, Nordic countries are the perfect place to move to for such needs. Of recent, it the Nordic region become a refuge for 3.5 million immigrants!

While some escape poverty, others are escaping warfare. Apart from its scenic beauty, high public trust and low unemployment blend well for irresistible Nordic. All the same, it is best to know one or two about the Nordic countries before booking a flight.

If you are out for fun and a bit of exercise, you will definitely have it to the fullest. From rafting, skiing, biking, and many others, of course, you cannot miss your thing from the long list. Besides, the Nordic scenic beauty is unparalleled not only in Northern Europe but also globally.

You should not worry even if you are planning on a permanent stay. With excellent schooling institutions and programs, your child is safe. Even if you are a family man, fewer working hours and generous leaves will work just perfectly.

The Facts You Should Know Before Visiting or Relocating to Nordic Countries

Below is a guideline that can help you move around during your visit or relocation to the Nordic region. Whether moving to Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Faroe Islands, Greenland Åland, or Finland, this piece will be helpful. Remember, each of the Nordic countries has its language. Their languages include Danish, Icelandic; Norwegian, Faroese, Finnish, Swedish, Elfdalian, Greenlandic, and Sami. While moving to these countries is good, you need to know about the high cost of living, the weather, and their almost cashless nature.

High Cost of Living

While there is plenty of everything in Nordic countries, the costs of things are on the rooftop. It is time to carry your big wallet alongside a credit card for smooth expenditure. Despite the natural and tranquil countryside, many locals despise its boring life. Of that, there is overpopulation in the urban centers causing extremely high housing bills.

Besides, you will need to use extra coins than normal; for shopping, transport, subscriptions, insurance… name it. Out of the five countries, Sweden and Denmark are a bit easier on the purse strings. For instance, spending 2.20 USD on a mere 1 kg of sugar in Norway is too unbelievable! Take it or not but, settling in Norway and Finland is not a thing for thrifty spenders.

 Adverse Weather Conditions

As many vacationers plan itineraries to Nordic, they are ideal to do so during summer. For absolute fun and thrilling moments, the sunny and warm summertime has it all. Well, have it in mind that it gets cold during the winter seasons.

While you may think of dressing warmly, electricity will also come in handy for housewarming and lighting. It is such a pity for newcomers from tropical regions. For a couple of weeks, you may walk in and out of hospitals battling hypothermia.

However, Nordics conformed to Swedish Fika, to great extent, it aids in keeping them warm. You will notice a break of 30 minutes or so for snacking and coffee drinking in the middle of chitchats. Friends meet up at restaurants or homes and get seated around open fires for coffee and catch-up. That is the custom, and it won’t be such a bad idea if you do what the ‘Romans’ do. To experience the four seasons fully, aspire to live in Norway, Sweden, or Finland.

Reserved Personality

You may term them rude and standoffish for their snobby character. Hell no, they are just reserved and know best the meaning of’ minding own business. Besides, they are so kind and well-mannered; bothering strangers with small chats is not their kind. To speak the truth, Nordics are happy people; they are mostly outdoors exploring what they can in their fully packed phenomena.

It is evident in the World Happiness Report of 2022 that Denmark and Iceland became position two and three respectively worldwide. Finland was ranked the happiest nation globally. From the report, it is evident that residents of Nordic countries are happy. Nevertheless, at one point in time, they also face dark moments that call for moodiness. Getting along with them is not such a daunting task. A tip or two will do you good as you journey on making new friends there. Similarly, they got a passion for nature and an obsession with greens.

Almost a Cashless Region

With remarkable advancements in technology, Nordic is gradually transforming into a cashless nation. It is sensible if you carry your loaded debit or credit card alongside small cash. It is common to see Nordics make payments via mobile banking and cards. Not that cash is not in use at all, but it is functional, especially in rural areas. Surprisingly, you may need to use your card to purchase a pack of chewing gum in an urban shop.

If you are out on errands, public means will go you good in getting around. You will obviously have some cash for the bus fare. Oops, it is a big no in Sweden. Swedes use tickets on buses, ferries, trains, and trams.

The Benefits of Moving to the Nordic Countries

As a foreigner, moving to any of the Nordic nations might be the best decision that you made. One of the reasons being the countries have a high-quality education. The diplomas from the Nordic nations are recognized globally. Besides, as much as each of the countries has its language, some of their programs are taught in English. At school, there are good infrastructures including libraries.

Furthermore, there is accessible healthcare in Nordic countries. For instance, as a student in Denmark, you are able to access free healthcare in public hospitals. Some of the nurses and doctors understand English. Thus, you will be able to easily explain yourself.

Across the Nordic countries, there are great outdoor activities. Some of the activities you can take part in include chilling in hot springs, mountain skiing, and rafting. I am sure you will get something that impresses you irrespective of your country of origin.

The Nordic countries are homes with clean air, clean streets, and clean water. All the Nordic nations have clean tap water and they preserve the environment. They also promote the use of electric vehicles and public transport.

Lastly, moving to the Nordic nations will enable you to get a great workplace environment. In case you want to study in any of the Nordic countries then you should try them out. This is because even after studying, you stand a chance to get a job. The good thing about their jobs is good paychecks. However, apart from that, you will get a great workplace environment. For instance, as a parent, you are entitled to parental leaves as well as paid holidays.