Your rights in Sweden as a Nordic citizen

As a Nordic citizen, you have all rights in Sweden

Something peculiar about the Nordic region that any person can observe is the high level of mobility of citizens. Out of ten people in lets say Sweden or Norway, you have high chances of getting a native of one country in either of the two countries. Even expatriates to the Nordics find it easy to … Read more

Academic Exchange programs in the Nordics for international students

If there is any one area that has seen so many internationals move to the Nordic countries then it is education. Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland not only pride themselves on having a rich history and great attractions. The region also hosts some of the premier universities that play¬† in the top league. Here, you … Read more

Best courses to study in the Nordic Universities as an expatriate student

Year in and year out, students from abroad, especially from the developing world cross¬† borders to study in the Nordics. A good number of these ambitious students belong to the lucky lot that secure lucrative scholarships available in the region for internationals. As much as every course a student pursues has relevance in the industry, … Read more