Demistifying Misconceptions about the Nordic Countries’ Economy

The Nordic countries are known to be among the wealthiest countries globally measured in per capita GDP. Their economy is characterized by a large public sector, and stable inflation with excellent exchange rates. Their citizens are known to enjoy the most favorable standards of living because of the many welfare benefitsĀ and a social safety net … Read more

Know about the Nordic Defense Cooperation

In the wake of Russia Ukraine invasion of Ukraine, so mucn anxiety has gripped Scandinavians. Whether the anxiety and pensivenes in the Scandinavians is out of actual threat or anything else could be subject of discussion. However, at such uncertain times and Russia being just next door, anyone may fear for own life. Therefore, knowng … Read more

Russia-Ukraine war causes an energy crisis in the Nordic Region

One important thing about the Nordics which even the expats can admit is the level of social political and economic stability. You can always be sure to experience tranquillity that allows everyone a chance to pursue whatever they wish to. But this was only the case until when Russia invaded the territory of Ukraine leading … Read more