Road Trip Across the Nordics

Anyone who has had a rare chance but worth a lifetime to visit or live in the Nordics may lack enough words to explain the experience. There is just so much nature, modernity, history, it, to be experienced in the area. Yet again, a keen eye may not miss to catch a few awkward things like is common in any society. You can’t just get enough of cruising in the long, straight but sometimes meandering roads with smooth surfaces. A car with a powerful engine, great steering ability and good road holding can just do it. So we here give a snippet of ideas on taking a road trip across the Nordics. 

Driving across the borderless Nordics and criss-crossing each of its countries can be amazing. Anyone thinking of a best way to spend  Summer vacation could just do it. Its in fact much fun to drive over Autumn or Summer when the roads are clear and much safe for long distance driving. 

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Are you by any chance planning a trip across the Nordics? Yes, it might just turn out to be one of the best trips you ever go on. Now you are probably wondering why and what would make this trip different from the numerous ones you have been to before. First off, Nordic countries have over and over again been listed as the top happiest countries and these countries are extremely gorgeous and stunning at the same time. The Nordic itinerary is just extremely perfect through summer and winter.

Cruising on the Nordic roads 

Take a wheel through the relaxed self-oriented road trips as you travel across northern Europe through some of its scenic routes. Just in a span of weeks depending on your schedule and holiday duration, you’ll encounter a number of stunning fjords, cool mountain towns, national parks, museums and great physical features. You have a great chance to enjoy your view of the Northern Lights from all the angles across the Nordics which is visible from all angles across the Nordics. The Northern Lights defines the enduring spectacle of the Nordics other than their unique history and rich attractions.

Drive over some of the signature roads and bridges in the Nordics

Through the volcanic landscapes of Iceland, the forests and lakes in Sweden, the Norwegian and the Finnish fjords, will definitely draw your love to the Nordics. While public transport can work well for everyone visiting to move around, it is much more preferable to come with your private means. It is not like public transport will not get you to your desired destination but rather private means will grant you a driving experience adding to your itinerary. 

Let’s have a look at some of the best road trips across the Nordics that would undoubtedly render you a lifetime experience.

  • Drive through Norway

Have fun through your road trip from Bergen to Trondheim across Trollstigen and the Atlantic Road. Despite most travellers and visitors arriving in Norway through its capital, Oslo, there are surely other very intriguing long-distance trips that connect through its other two cities. Bergen and Trondheim you could unimaginably build a road trip via this flexible route that features some of Norway’s impressive mountain scenery, the world-famous roads and fjords. 

Nordics on the road; A great Road trip across the Nordics
Scenic views when driving over roads in the Nordics

As the road stretches from Geiranger to Andalsnes you will get a view of the Geirangerfjord and the Trollstigen mountain track. It is for sure a superfine road to drive through with lots of sight seeing that warrant your stops along the way. All you need to do is to time your stops so as to avoid a lot of delays through your drive. 

As you move further towards the north, detour through the Atlantic Ocean Road in between Molde and Kristiansand. It is a five mile stretch with bridges connecting an array of skerries and islands facing the open ocean. The Norway engineering feat of a kind that has existed in the 20th century is quite a remarkable work that will enable you to drive across some of the wildest water bodies. It is an epic achievement by road builders which delivers you directly to the harborside restaurant to enjoy your fish lunch in Kristiansund. This magnificent restaurant is reachable via the Atlantic Ocean Tunnel which is one of the deepest undersea tunnels globally.

  • How About Enjoying your Road Trip Via Sweden

Through Sweden, the genesis of your road trip across the Nordics may come through the High Coast 100km stretch of the E4 highway. The northern stretch into Sweden, will lead you through a historic landscape that was formed during the very last Ice Age. As a matter of fact, this trip will offer you a chance to visit a UNESCO World Heritage site that also has the Finnish Kvarken archipelago. 

Across the High Coast Road trip, you will experience the warmth of the Bay of Bothnia, the pine forests, granite cliffs, and the deep valleys with a beautiful coastal view. Right from Ornskoldsvik, you have a 60-mile drive waiting with indigenous sites to explore. It may be a short drive but the drama that you are about to experience will sure make up for the distance. Given that hiking is a tradition in the Nordics, perhaps you can get out of the car and make use of the popular hiking trails of Skuleskogen National Park

  • The power of Nature Through Iceland’s Ring Road

Through Iceland’s route you get to circle across the land volcanoes, myths, and mountains. It is a full 821-mile stretch that might take utmost 7-days to allow you to have a full exploration of its many attractions. Often, tourists and travellers will just go through part of it but when they settle and look back at every flash, they would wish they went a little further on the trip. 

Experience of a road trip across the Nordics
On a road trip across the Nordics, you can stick your neck out safely to catch the soothing breeze

Towards the southwest part of Iceland, you get closer to the country’s capital Reykjavik. Ring Road is a popular road to many commuters and the tourist intending to complete the famed Golden Circle attraction sites. Nevertheless, as you head further north, the single lane highway widens up leaving you with a clear focus on the scenery of the black sand beach Reynisfjara. But you get to see the Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss waterfalls alongside the hidden ice caves and the eastern fjords. 

  • On your trip, Enjoy the Lakeside Views of Finland

Just close to the Russian border towards the south of Finland, there is an ideal serene setting that will fit your cycling, camping and biking activities. Finland’s route 62 just between Ruokalahti and Mikkeli, will give you the most elegant views of the beauty that exists across the Nordics. Enjoy the view along this route making a part of the longer Green Gold Culture Road.

  • How About the Historic Sites on Jutland, Denmark 

If you start your trip from Ribe, you will definitely get to experience loads of Viking history. The small city is one of the oldest towns in the southern end of Denmark. Then proceed towards the white sandy beaches through the coastline, the Wadden Sea national park along the German border as you also have a glimpse of Thy

In the northernmost part of this trip, you arrive at Jutland’s Skagen where a sandbar marks the territory of Skagerrak and Kattegat seas. While here you will not be able to swim but meet the dolphins, orcas, and minke whales alongside other interesting things.

Generally, a road trip across the Nordics may just prove the need to avoid flying. It gives a best opportunity for one to see the scenic landscape. Also, catch the panoramic rays and just view the impressive ice covered mountains and woods in the Nordics. You may try this on your next summer vacation to get own experience.